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Grand Prize Winner

New York

Morgan Kolb


Weekly Prize Winners




Monday October 2

Mary Dunivan


Peggy Wolfe


Phillip Brown


Wanda Polite


Becky Heithouse



Tuesday October 3

Clark Parscal


Michael Chinalski


Nancy Sommers


Kevin Cox


Linda Floyd



Wednesday October 4

Debbie Cloutier


Amanda Charles


Suzanne Berse


Allison Hoffman


Alexis Willow



Thursday October 5

Andrea Sperry


Karen Biron


Toni Rejcek


Amanda Aguirre


Christopher Nguyen



Friday October 6

Jose Ramirez


Maxine Cronk


Donna Hancock


Nancy Bagne


Theresa Denler




Monday October 9

Claudia Davis


Mimsel Riley


Brandon Thomas


Doris Shackleton


Brenda Dougherty



Tuesday October 10

Nicole Brothers


Virginia Espinoza


Michelle Liu


Sherry Julien


Tricia Brown



Wednesday October 11

Linda Stearns


Mike McNaulty


Ana Dunbar


Darlene Rios


Steven Sherwood



Thursday October 12

Corrine Taggart


Carl Boster


Jodi Abrams


Keila Duh


Sterling Ephriam



Friday October 13

Delano Jennings


Moneck Braxton


James Young


Gerald Bowman


Evelyn Fellows




Monday October 16

Veronica Morin


Janet Meeks


Rosemary Castillo 


Ron Klopfanstein


Patty Johnson



Tuesday October 17

Paul Brennan


Gary Linville


Michelle Tapia


Love Matthews


Alida Higgins



Wednesday October 18

Vickie McDougall


Rocky  Ardito


Carol Colvin


Dianne Fosco


Somaly Man



Thursday October 19

Linda Shauchunas


Jenifer McMahon


Myrasha Adebisi


Diana Carrier


Joann Sowders



Friday October 20

Anapauk Miracobas


Tina Itschner


Trisha Villagomez


Cynthia Bouse


Thomas Tiencken




Monday October 23

Margaret Marshall


Neal Schnoll


Jeanette Taniguchi


Don Hill


Susan Murray



Tuesday October 24

Tracy Tibbetts


Miranda LaBarge


Dan Williams


Robert Liebau


Randall Patton



Wednesday October 25

Seydy Serrano


Stacy Hancher


Richard Magdefrau


Ted Kanou


Calandra Stroud



Thursday October 26

Brenda Redger


Patricia Abney


Peggy Miller


Maureen Wyatt


Christen Stevenson



Friday October 27

Misty Thomas


Joy Petke


Martha Gugelman


April Strong


Clem Garcia